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pure undiluted evil


Harrods Jul. 18th, 2004 @ 08:57 pm
It's been a while since I last make an entry here. I went to out today, with a friend to get something for my boss. I am so lucky he's here to help me find a gift. It's quite a difficult to find one that suits the occasion.The motive behind the gift is a mix of sympathy, pitty, and a sly wish so that I may get something out of it.

Well basically it is something fo my senior manager. She just recovered from a dengue fever *shock* Last time my brother need at least a month to recover from it. I am still amazed how she can just recovered by more or less a week.

What I want to show her from this gift is sort of a thank you for suporting me for the past 1 year, and a sympathy cause the project has really gone bad, and also a wish for good health for the days to come.

Anyway I was thinking to buy a flower, but my friend told me that a flower is too personal. So we went down to Harrods. It is a small shop selling tea, jam, and buter cookies. I finally spend a 40 dollar for a Lavender honey and a Ceylon tea. Plus 7 dollar for the card .. quite expensive but its for a boss after all.

Well now I am working on what to write on the card. I am thinking to write something that can be memorable, if she decides to keep the card, that is.

mmmmmm ..... maybe anyone of you that pass by can help me with this.

Dear boss,

I hope this little gift of mine will brigthens up your day. This is just something to expres my most sincere wishes for you to have a good health for the days to come.

I really appreciate the attention and support that you have given me for the past 1 year. And I would like for you to know that there is a little somebody here that care about you and will give you any support that he can give.


How bout this mmmm I sincerely think it need major improvement. I am definitely not good with words

Blog process Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 10:34 am
It has been a long time since I post anything in my blog. Lately I have been busy developing my blog.

Now I am having a bit of problem with the archiving function. I hit a File Not Found exception when I tested it with JUnit -_______- ''

And I also have some problem with Hibernate's sessions. I get this weird error saying, 'Session is disconnected' hmpfff .....

Beside these very annoying problems.... I find that my blog development is a very fruitful experience. I am starting to appreciate the importance of a good Functional Spec.

I always think that spec is boring and useless. Now I find that Spec is a good way of structuring your development process. It helps me identifies the important part of the blog that I need to develop first, and what parts that can be push for the next milestone.

And writing a spec is also a good way of finding bugs in my blog. While I was creating my spec, I realize that certain function in my blog have serious flaws.

Thanks to Joel I am starting to learn how to write a good functional spec.

I am thinking to write the techinical design spec next. So that when I port my blog to Apache *crossing my finger* People can have a good idea on how my blog works.

Till then........

Patch your mozilla Jul. 12th, 2004 @ 10:17 am
Recently there is a security patch for mozilla. It seems that this flaw will only affect windows user -___________- ''

Here is the link for the patch

Everybody go and patch your mozilla.

Looking through the future of computing Jun. 26th, 2004 @ 06:56 pm
Lately there is some interesting disucussion on the movement in the IT world. Joel Spolsky outlined in his article that web is the future.

Dave seah's Mezzoblue claims that "web apps" are hot.

In my opinion the web is really taking its momentum for the past 3 years. And If I may say, it is starting to take its criticall mass to roll over the hill and hit big time in the IT industry.

My current project is basically a "web"-ification on their old system, where by people submitting paper application and have the staff keying in their application to their system. And, if god permit, I may have my first freelance work on a small website for an education department ^_____^

The thing aobut web it is great, client no need to do much but open up their favourite browser and key in the URL tp access the web apps they want. simple as that.

With those who has Windows in their PC, it is vey easy to get up and running with web. You already have Internet Explorer installed, and with an Internet connection you can start using the web. Easy as that.

I really do hope that mezzoblue's last two sentences : 'the recession is over, the slump is ended. Web development is in demand, and the demand is only going to increase.', is going to come true. This

FireFox 0.9 Jun. 21st, 2004 @ 10:08 pm
Just install Mozilla Firefox. 0.9 In the installation notes it was mentioned to uninstall any previous version of FireFox. I got scared for a moment, because this will mean I'll lost all my bookmarks :( But to my suprise FireFox can still import my old bookmark from my FireFox 0.8.

But nonetheless my extension and themes are gone :( But its okay, coz when I visit the extension page they got a lot of new stuff up for grabs. Just install Sage 0.1 RSS Feed aggregator, neat stuff ^__^

A friend of mine is going to Prague to work in a logistic company. WOW, I plan to visit him this end of year. But he mentioned that it will be pretty chilly during end of year.

Just finished Eyre's affais and starting to read life of Pi. Quite an interesting biography. A bit heavy in the beginning, but really luv Pi's way of thinking.
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» (No Subject)
Today I am starting my blog coding ^^. But I wasted most of my time watching School of Rock and National Security with my friend in my house.

The school of rock DVD was encoded code-1. Code 1 means that this DVD is meant for the US region. Thus mine and my flatmates PC cannot play the movie. Dissapointing indeed -_____-'

Sooooo .. hehhehe

I found this amazing website that provides lot and lot of DVD Ripper ^___^

So I rip the DVD, but unfortunately because my laptop HD is still in FAT32 I cannot rip the DVD into my HD. So I need to put the DVD Rip to the server and stream it from there . A bit inconvenience but it's worth it. We had a good laugh ...

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» (No Subject)
I almost finish my forum. Now im going to the blog module. I am thinking to host my blo g in my friends server.

Currently facing a problem with hibernate debug statements. Debug statements are good, cause they help us debug the application. But sometimes I would really like to exclude hibernate debug statement from mine.

Anybody knows, please help ^___^

Oh Just post up another struts tutorial
» Struts tutorial
Just put up my first Struts tutorial in Struts wiki page

A way for me to say thank you to the Struts Community.
» Jennifer Government by Max Barry
Phew finally I finished Jennier Government.

Jennifer Government is a very interesting thriller novel. It took place in a world where by the nation is runned by private companies such as Nike,Reebook, Dell, Mitsui, etc. People take their company's name as their Surname. Well not all the country in this book relinquishes the government power. US is divided into 3 main coalition : US Alliance, Team Advantage, and Government. French is one of those country who still uphold the Government.

In this world tax is not allowed. Thus when you use a highway you will need to pay a certain amount of money per mile to the company that build the highway. Even more surprising if you go to jail you will also need to pay for your Jail accomodation.

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» Dan Brown @ Fox
This is courtessy from katilo:

The Da Vinci Code
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